ESA-E2 Instructed person – Formerly non-electrical work

ESA Instructed person, The course for you who perform non-electrical work at or close to High-voltage jobsites

Information about the course

ESA non-electrical work is for you who perform non-electrical work at or in proximity to high-voltage plants. Such work as construction or excavation, or even cleaning and maintenance. This course is also meant for anyone with a management position, such as HR and executives.

The course is tacher-led and is carried out either on site or online. Our educators are experienced rhetorics with several years of industry experience in their respective fields. On our site-bound courses we offer comfortable classrooms accompanied with coffee breaks and lunch, free of charge. For online courses, you’ll need a computer, headset, a webcam and a steady internet connection.


From 3 900 SEK exkl. tax
The certifaction fee is included in the price

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One week before the course, an invitation is sent out with information about place and time as well as digital study material, loan books are provided during the course. The test is carried out digitally and it is important to bring your own computer or tablet to the course..

A couple of days before the start of the course, your information is registered on Energiföretagen/Wattityd, where you have your own profile, You’ll also receive an email from Energiföretagen/Wattityd with a link to approve GDPR. The price includes a fee to Energiföretagen.

On completion of the course with the passing of the final exam, the certificate ”ESA Instructed” is obtained. It is valid for 3 years, which means a repetition requirement of every three years.

After the training, with a passed final exam, the participant will be able to perform non-electrical work in operating rooms near or in connection with an electrical installation. They will be able to avoid electrical risk sources by applying the theoretical knowledge from the content of ”ESA Instructed person – Non-electrical work 21” in practical daily work.

After completing the training, the participant will be able to:
  • Understand the dangers of electrical current.
  • Understand the distribution of responsibilities according to occupational health and electrical safety legislation.
  • Understand and apply ”ESA Functions.”
  • Understand risk management and how to address risks.
  • Understand safety distances for non-electrical work.
  • Understand what constitutes non-electrical work.
  • Understand the regulations concerning the EBR form ”ESA Agreement on Access.””
  • Understand the work methods ”General Info,” ”Work Near Voltage,” and ”Work Without Voltage,” including their limitations.